Definitively Cobalt is…

Finely Detailed Interiors More

  • Hand-Sewn Double-Needle Interior Details
  • 32oz. vinyl with protective barrier coat
  • Multiple densities of antimicrobial foam
  • StarBoard/Kelron wood-free seat bases

Superior Construction More

  • Gelcoat Graphics
  • Barrier Coat – A Cobalt Exclusive
  • 100% Hand-Laid Hulls with Kevlar Reinforcement
  • Composite Structural Components
  • 954 buffback gelcoat to resist fading
  • Tapped aluminum backing plates on all thru- bolted hardware
  • Composite transom
  • Fiberglass stringer system
  • Gas assist struts on all hatch covers

Luxury is Not Made of Plastic More

  • Aluminum dash panel
  • Solid fiberglass helm station
  • Digital instrumentation
  • GPS offering on all models
  • Stainless ignition switch
  • Stainless steel switches
  • Circuit breaker protection
  • Dual grounding busses
  • Waterproof electrical connectors

Mildew and Rot Resistance Construction

At the end of every weekend, you will be reminded how quality and beauty are more than skin deep. Beauty and strength that entice the industry’s best interior warranty. Because for you, elegance is expected, and quality is demanded.

Electropolishing for Superior Corrosion Protection

Whether cruising between channel markers in the inter-coastal or miles from civilization, there is added confidence knowing that Cobalt hardware will weather everyday salt spray dousing that comes from saltwater boating. To build the best, you have to start with the best. 316 L stainless steel, the alloy of choice for seasoned boaters, can be found throughout a Cobalt. Compromise Nothing often means taking it a step further. Several key components on a Cobalt are electropolished to provide the ultimate in protection against saltwater penetration and corrosion. Electropolishing is an electro-chemical process that mechanically restructures the surface of metal by expelling electrons from the exposed surface and causing a smoothing reaction. The process de-scales the surface, removing oxides and impurities, and leaves a sterile and passive finish. At the end of the day, Cobalt has compromised exactly nothing in the treatment of our stainless.

Excellence is in the Details

The Cobalt helm is the most luxurious – and prominent – area to compare the difference between Cobalt and the compromises of our competition. The Cobalt helm is your control station, and in control you feel behind the leather wrapped wheel of a Cobalt. The fog free digital instruments, gauges provide a scrolling feature that includes vital information, all securely fastened to aluminum panels. This aluminum insures weather resistance and longevity far beyond the plastic pieces often used by the competition. Cobalt uses stainless switches to improve electrical durability for the life of your boat. Look behind the helm; neatly sorted wire looms, quick electrical disconnects, waterproof electrical connections where needed, battery switches with isolators, color coded tinned copper wiring, dual central stainless steel grounding buses, and designated circuit breakers.

The Cobalt Swim Platform More

  • Easy entry into water and back onto the boat
  • Protection from the propeller
  • Full Wraparound Safety Handholds
  • Cobalt Exclusieve Flip Down Swim Step
  • A-Series Hydraulic Deployable Swim Platform More

Real World Solutions (a.k.a. Industry Firsts)

  • Auto-Retracting Docklines More
  • Quick-Release Fender Cleats More
  • Adjustable Bimini Poles More
  • Double-Knuckle Hinges More
  • Flip-Lip Seating More
  • Bow Scuff Plates More
  • Windshield Door Latch More
  • Terry Velour Seat Covers More
  • Pop-Up Ski Tow More

Interior Versatility and Comfort More

  • Easily Convertible
  • Ergonomic Comfort

Cobalt’s Exclusive Swim Step

Select models this year will bring along the new swim step, an innovation so simple, so strong that a patent pends on its design. Ready to create even safer, ever more memorable fun at anchor, the swim step requires only two easy flips: down to use, back to stow.

Deployable Swim Platform

The hydraulically actuated swim platform of the A-Series boats deploys well below the surface for all new levels of water borne activity. Remain solid and secure at any level for complete adjustment.

Auto-Retracting Docklines

Hunting around for docklines in your boat is no fun when you’re pulling up to a dock. With our auto-retracting dockline system, lines are always ready and right where you want them.

Quick-Release Fender Cleats

Taking up valuable line space on your boat’s dock cleats with bumper lines usually doesn’t leave room for docklines, too. And, cleats are usually not where you really want your bumpers strategically located alongside your Cobalt. Our quick-release dockline system lets you preset your bumper lines and pop them into a stainless steel fitting in a jiffy.

Adjustable Bimini Poles

Stainless steel adjustable poles secure and tighten up your bimini top with our innovative built in turnbuckle. Most boatbuilders use inexpensive fabric straps that fray and flap in the wind.

Double-Knuckle Hinges

Our storage cushions have hinges with two “knuckles” in them, which holds the cushion open for you while you access the compartment or cooler. No more wishing you had a third hand.

Flip-Lip Seatings

An industry first, Cobalt found a way to avoid sitting on towels or lifejackets to sit higher and enjoy the thrill of driving your Cobalt! Many builders have tried to duplicate our innovation, but none are as comfortable as ours…you still get to sit on the top cushion surface with our flip lip.

Bow Scuff Plate

We were first to integrate our bow eye with a scuff plate to protect your Cobalt from trailer marksÉwe work too hard to accomplish that hallmark Cobalt hull gloss to let a trailer mess it up!

Windshield Door Latching System

We found a safer way to ensure that the center walkthrough door is held securely openÉ.another industry first that is often emulatedÉwe suppose that imitation is still the best form of flattery.

Terry Velour Seat Covers

Another example of innovation inspired by our customers… terry-velour seat covers let you enjoy your seating without worrying about suntan lotions or spills. Plus, they’re so comfortable and machine washable.

Pop-Up Ski Tow

Even a long-standing staple on a boat can stand for a little innovation. Thanks to our boat owner’s feedback, stainless steel ski tow pops out from its flush, stowed position so it’s out of your way when not in use. A simple lift and twist locks it up when its time for water sports. Some Cobalt’s offer a slight derivation on this concept, offering a taller pole that stows separately, out of the way, and locks into place when ready to use.

Interior Versatility and Comfort

Our customers consistently challenge us to design more and more versatility in your Cobalts. So, we have developed new seating features that let you configure your cockpit and bow seating in several ways to fit your needs and comfort. This versatility gives you seats that covert to sun lounges and the option of additional seating or floorspace in the bow area.

Finely Detailed Interiors More

  • Hand-Sewn Double-Needle Interior Details
  • 32oz. vinyl with protective barrier coat
  • Multiple densities of antimicrobial foam
  • StarBoard/Kelron wood-free seat bases

Hulls Designed for Smooth and Soft Ride More

  • Deep Deadrise at the Right Spots
  • Extended Running Surface and Reverse Chines
    for Ultimate Control

Unrivaled Handling More

  • Quick On-Plane Acceleration Without Losing Sight Of The Water
  • Stay On Plane At Low Speed
  • Cornering “On Rails”
  • High Speed Stability


You’ll enjoy your family’s day on the water better when you know everyone on board is safe and secure. We design our boats with taller hull sides to provide a safe and drier ride in rougher water. Deep bow and cockpit seating keeps children safe while underway. Our extended swim platforms, set low at the waterline, protect swimmers from getting near the boat’s propeller and provide a safe hand-hold while swimming.

Hulls Designed for Smooth and Soft Ride

Today’s lakes seem to get rougher and rougher. We design our hulls to provide you and your guests the ultimate in a soft, secure, and quiet ride. If you’ve ever felt beat up after a day on the water in another boat, you’ll understand why we put so much effort into giving you the smoothest ride possible!

Unrivalled Handling

Cobalt owners are usually the first to say that you have to drive a Cobalt to fully appreciate the Cobalt performance difference. Our design team prides themselves on our best-in-class hole shot acceleration with no loss of visibility of the water, cornering “on rails” at even the highest speeds, and staying on plane a low speeds without bowrise. You have to drive it to believe it!